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Nano enhanced sealant molecules are smaller than regular sealants allowing for better protection and added value at Trade-In-Time.


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The electronic corrosion protection device works by creating a cathodic effect to slow down the natural corrosion process using an impressed current creating an invisible shield of electrons.

autodefend.biz  Introducing auto saver defensive guards   To protect Your vehicle investment We promise our products will allow for better protection  and Added Value at    Vehicle Trade-In.


Nano enhanced protection when professionally applied to a vehicle will form a chemical bond with nano size pits and crevices in the vehicle surface. It is this bond which makes the surface incredibly resistant to the elements.   

All new nano products can be made available with a a 5 year warranty to include the exterior painted surfaces, interior fabrics, leather and vinyl.

Exterior protection provided against bird droppings, sun exposure, insects, water spots, fading, chalking, loss of gloss, tree sap and acid rain.

Interior protection provided against normal spills and stains resulting from water, coffee, sodas, milk, everyday food products, lubricating oils, greasy products and baby oils, fading and discolouration to name a few.

Nano enhanced dealant molecules are smaller than regular sealants allowing for better protection and added value at Trade-in-Time.


Nano Paint Treatment forms a better gripp to the surfaces making it harder for other elements to penetrate. Nano enhanced paint sealant has a particle size, that is smaller than water, creating a hydrophobic barrier that is perfectly clear, yet able to absorb uv light energy preventing fading and discolouration. All clear coat finishes have micro sized pits and crevices that only Nano enhanced sealants will fill which further improves the gloss.

Nano Interior Treatment surrounds every fibre with an anti adhesion coating. Water, dirt and common soils cannot penetrate the Nano barrier. Protecting the interiors from the harmful rays of the sun, the sealant is 100% invisible and does not alter the look or feel of the fabric or leather. It keeps leather soft and supple to the touch and increases and preserves the value of the vehicle interior.

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“Nano enhanced technology is used to provide protective sealants on particles a billionth of a metre. Do not use cheap alternatives without first understanding the claims of the protection they provide.”


A centremetre is 100th of a meter.

A millimetre is 100th of a meter.

A nono metre is 100th of a meter

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